First ever physically programmable wooden robot.

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Coding was never this Fun/ Children Learn with Incredible Speed when they are Curious. Take your Mobile for Example. I bet your Kid son can operate your I-Phone much better than You do. But How can we make then Inquisitive towards one of the most complex technical platforms in the world #Programming. Here at Robo-L we are making programming more and more interesting by combining the Cutting Edge teaching Technique VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) with State of the Art Technology.


We are one among the first Embedded Company working on Physical Programming & helping kids get in touch with the simple basics of Logic Creation by using new and innovative techniques of STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics)


We produce electronic gadgets and toys for Kids. Our current intervention Robo-L has become immensely popular among the Kids of age group 7-15 years. We tricked learning by fun and helped kids become familiar with programming Logics early age. Kids playing with our Robots are developing a better skill set for problem solving. We integrated VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) teaching technique with cutting edge technology creating the popular phenomenon of Learning by Fun.


4 Years ago, our CEO Raju Chaluva found that the students who had an earlier encounter with any programming language find the learning process psychologically easier and it reflected proudly in their academics and lifestyle. The use of Robotics and automation increased exponentially in industries. The job seekers find most of the opportunities rooting out in the IT sector. Like English and Maths, Programming/Coding are an essential part of our curriculum. Surprisingly, Kids have a much superior grasping power as compared to their grown selves. But unfortunately we can’t introduce any introductory programming language at this early stage. The need of developing a typical programming language for kids is the main reason behind Robo-L.


By simply writing the name of the command on the coins we made the Programming as simple as writing English. Though there is a complex procedure involved. When we started working on physical programming, our first challenge was to define the Physical Functions. We drilled 6 holes through a wooden chips and declared each hole as 1 and no holes as 0. By using permutations we can calculate 2^6 = 64 functions. The commanding slate was marathon task to design. We used IR sensors to read these holes. After arming the Bot with motors, Wall sensors, Rain Sensors, LEDs, etc we use RF transmitters to connect the slate to Bot. Hence completing the loop and Created a Physically Programmable language.


Nowadays Kids spend a lot of time in front of screens playing Games. This habit leads to certain eye problems, creating headaches, back pain etc at a very tender age. We want to take the Children away from the screens by finding alternatives to the Conventional video games. A physical real time system that is interesting and fun to play with, A Robot that inspires creativity and learning.

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CEO and Innovator


Sunil Kumar
CTO and Operations


Dilip kumar

Creative Analyst

Creative Analyst

Hardware Designer

Hardware Designer

Team Robo-L is located in the heart of Bangalore, INDIA. We are a crazy group of programmers, designers, marketers, and humanitarians all united by the same vision: to create a network where people are connected by the good happening around them. With Robo-L, we hope to bring that vision to life, so that you can breathe life into yours.